Biotek Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Software - KCJunior - KC4 en Gen5

I am using KC4 software and I need to re-install this on another computer.

You received the program with a serial number. Install KC4 with the seriall number on the new computer. Than start the program and select your reader
If your old computer is still running you can find your serial within the program.

Within "registration" you will find a "Site Key" This number, together with your licence number should be emailed to You will receive a new password within 24 hours.

You can download the final version of KC4 version 3.4 rev. 21 here. For older versions please contact us.
Please note: KC4 only runs on Windows XP and Windows Vista and is not compatible with Microsoft Office 2010.

I am using Gen5 software and I need to re-install this on another computer.

You received the program with a serial number. Install Gen5 with the seriall number on the new computer. Than start the program and select your reader
If your old computer is still running you can find your serial within the program.

The Pre-Registration screen appears when you launch Gen5 until the software is registered. A trial-version serial number can be used for the specified number of days until a licensed version is purchased. Unless the purchased version of Gen5 is a higher version than the trial version there is no need to reinstall the software; simply register the software.

NOTE As required for installing the software, you must have administrative privileges to register with BioTek. Generally, the user who logged in to Windows when installing Gen5 should be logged in when registering the software.
Vista users: If prompted for administrative privileges, engage them before registering the software: Locate and right-click the Gen5 desktop icon, and select Run as administrator. At the User Account Control dialog, click Allow.
Launch Gen5 and Register the Software
Open Gen5 by clicking its desktop icon or by using the Windows Start button and selecting Programs > Gen5 > Gen5.
At the Pre-Registration dialog enter the product serial number (if it wasn’t entered during installation or if you’ve been using a trial version).
Click Register to register the software and receive a password. The Registration dialog appears with the serial number and the site key; this is information provided by your computer.
NOTE Click Demo to run Gen5 without registering it for the number of days displayed below the Demo button.
Click Go to Internet Site.
Alternatively, if your Internet browser and Gen5 are on different computers, enter the BioTek URL into your browser’s address field. Make note of the serial number and site key to proceed.
If you do not have access to the Internet, contact BioTek. . See Getting Technical Assistance..
When using the same computer, you can copy and paste (Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V) the serial number and site key into the registration form.
At BioTek’s Software Registration website page, enter or paste the serial number and site key information into the form and click Submit.
A registration form will be displayed containing any information BioTek already has about you and your organization.

Review and edit the information as necessary, then click Submit Registration Form.
Your password will be displayed on screen. Copy or make note of it.
Return to the Gen5 Registration dialog to paste or enter it into the Password field.
Click Validate Password.
The software should now be registered and you will not see the Pre-Registration screen again.

NOTE Gen5 stores the serial number and site key in the Help > About Gen5 screen so you can log in to BioTek’s product registration site at any time.

I am using Gen5 version 1.xx but it doesn't seem to work with Microsoft Excel.

In that case you have to upgrade to Gen5 1.11. This version is compatible with Windows 7 and Office 2010.
You can download this version here.
The download is for Gen5 and Gen5 Secure. The new installation will not delete you protocol and experiment files.
You need your licence number which you can find on the cd. A new registration is not required.

I am using Gen5 version 1.X and would like to upgrade to Gen5 version 2.x

The new Gen5 version 2.0 is even easier and userfiendly as the previous version. Please contact us for more information and a 30 days trial version free of charge.

Biotek Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Fluorescence and luminescence.

I am using a BioTek Synergy Multi-Mode reader and I would like to measure fluorescence or luminescence.

Filter Set Options
In Fluorescence and Luminescence assays, you can set the gain level of the PMT or let Gen5 determine the optimal setting. You may need to experiment with the settings to find the combination of options that works best for your assay. In Fluorescence analysis, you can also set the Measurement Options.

Automatic Gain Adjustment
Select Automatic Gain Adjustment to use this option to determine the optimum gain setting for the plate:

First, select one of the following options:
Scale to High Wells—to evaluate optimal gain based on the strongest signal
Scale to Low Wells—to evaluate optimal gain based on the weakest signal
Use First Filter Set Gain
from FIRST Read Step when there is more than one read step of the same detection method, that is, Fluorescence or Luminescence.
from THIS Read Step when there is more than one filter set.
Then, define the following options:
Scale Wells—a range of microplate wells with the highest or lowest expected signals, click in the field to select one or a range of adjacent wells, for example, A1–B12
Scale Value—the highest or lowest expected value for the selected wells. Review the valid range for your reader and parameters.
Synergy HT and FLx800: Gen5 performs the Automatic Gain Adjustment based on an integration time of 1 second (0:01:0) regardless of the Integration Time defined for the Read step.

Measurement Options
The values for each measurement option depend on whether the assay is defined as Standard (Non-Synchronized Mode), Synchronized Plate Mode, or Well Mode. This table displays the recommended values and Allowable Range for these modes for each option.

NOTE For Kinetic analysis in Well mode these options are unavailable; they are determined by the kinetic interval.
Option Standard and Time Resolved Plate Mode Well Mode Allowable Range
Delay after plate movement 100 msec 250 msec 10 msec 10–2550 msec
Measurements per well 10 10 1 1–255
Delay between measurements 1 msec 24 msec 0 0–255 msec.