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Green Preparative SFC: Chiral or Achiral Separations in a single, compact solution​


The ACCQPrep®​ SFC is a compact system that simplifies method complexity and ensures successful separations for users of all experience levels. As the only system to enable both bulk collection from stacked injections, and multi-sample, open-access with an optional SFC AutoSampler (2×2 or 4×2), the ACCQPrep SFC offers versatility without limitations; all in the smallest Prep SFC footprint on the market.

Comprehensive Chromatography

  • Chiral or achiral purifications. Excellent orthogonal technique to reversed-phase HPLC
  • Alternative selectivity from many stationary phase options and a wide solvent polarity range

Green Chromatography

  • Greatly reduces solvent consumption.
  • Reducing solvent waste generated and energy needed to remove solvents.
  • CO2 neutral: reuses CO2
  • CO2 is affordable, environmentally friendly and reduces “strong” solvent use by up to 95%

Ultra Compact

Do more in less space with a smaller footprint than competing systems


PeakTrak® software removes the complexity of method development

Standard Features:

  • Flow rates from 50 to 200 mL/min for use of 2 and 3 cm columns
  • 4 different cosolvent options with composition from 5 to 70% for elution of more polar c​ompounds than other systems
  • Column oven with selection valve for up to six columns
  • Autoinjector to enable multiple injections of a single sample or stacked injection workflow
  • Choice of UV or UV-Vis PDA detectors standard
ACCQ​Prep​​​ SFC System
​Flow Rate Range ​50-200 mL/min
Gradient Linearity​ ​+/- 1%
​System Co-Solvent Range ​5-70%
​System Backpressure Range ​100-160 bar
​Maximum System Operating Pressure ​414 bar
​Column Selector Valve ​Standard; 6 columns

(2 or 3 cm x 25 cm or less)
​Column Oven (Temp range) ​Standard (+5 °C above ambient to 70 °C)
​CO2 Inlet Pressure ​55-140 bar (3-10 °C)
​Flow Rate Range ​20-200 g/min
​Flow Rate Range 0.5-165 mL/min​
​Number of Co-Solvents ​4 Co-Solvent Inlets
​GLS Makeup Pump ​Standard; Automated up to 5 mL/min
Standard 5 mL syringe, Allows multiple injections from a single vessel​
​Sample Injection ​Modifier Stream Injection via Sample Loop  (5 mL standard); other sizes may be installed 

and configured on the system
​Stacked Injection Capability ​Standard
​Detector Options
Variable UV  PDA (200-400 nm) or Variable UV-VIs PDA (200-800 nm)​
​Fractionation Valve ​Standard; up to 8 user containers
​Fraction Pooling Ability ​Standard
​Open Bed Fraction Collector ​Optional with ACCQPrep SFC 2×2 or 4×2 AutoSampler
​Integrated Screen & Processor ​15” High Res Touchscreen ; Internal CPU; Linux Redhat
​Software ​PeakTrak
​Gradient Optimization ​Standard; Focused Gradient Generator
​Stacked Injection Wizard ​Standard
​Scale Up Wizard ​Standard
​Active Cosolvent and Waste Level Sensing ​Standard
​RFID Rack Sensing ​Standard with ACCQPrep SFC 2×2 or 4×2 AutoSampler​
​Component Dimensions
(cm W x D x H) 
Base ACCQPrep SFC:  41 x 56 x 73​
​SFC AS 2×2:   34 x 56 x 66  w/enclosure:  40 x 69 x 76

SFC AS 4×2:   58 x 56 x 66  w/enclosure:  64 x 69 x 76
​Total System Benchtop Dimensions (cm W x D)​ ​ACCQPrep SFC w/SFC AS 2×2 Enclosure: 81 x 69

ACCQPrep SFC w/SFC AS 4×2 Enclosure: 115 x 69​

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