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Apollo GX-A/GF-A series


Apollo GX-A/GF-A series

Precision Balances with NTEP models


Advanced Sensor Technology for Reliable Results

Smart SHS® is the latest advancement in hybrid weigh cell design.

  • Increased productivity with 1 second stabilization time
  • Lower cost of ownership due to reduced number of parts and maintenance accessibility


Easy Diagnostics at the Touch of a Button

Electronically Controlled Load performs a self diagnostic check and an internal repeatability test without an external weight in less than 2 minutes.

  • Easily integrate a diagnostic check into your operation procedures
  • Streamline a manual and time consuming verification process
  • Piece of mind that your balance is meeting specifications even in difficult environments


Ensure Compliance with QuickMin-S 

Determine minimum sample weight in any given environment with QuickMin-S. If a sample is weighed beneath the determined minimum weight, Min-S Alert will flash on the display ensuring compliance with USP 41.

  • Easily calculate the minimum sample weight to USP 41 at the installation location 
  • Takes the guess work out of knowing what minimum sample can be weighed on the balance


Durable and Hygienic Construction

Built–to-last durability provides increased protection and more stable performance in the lab or factory.

  • Die-cast aluminum top and bottom housing provides extra stability and durability
  • Large stainless steel weigh pan and dust plate can be easily removed for cleaning
    Overload protection and Impact Shock Detection increase protection of weigh cell increasing the lifetime of your balance

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