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Automated Nanoparticle System – ANP

Particle Works

Automated Nanoparticle System – ANP

Controlled synthesis of lipid nanoparticles (LNPs)


Traditional methods used for the production of LNPs can be laborious, costly, and time-consuming, but the microfluidics technique has shown to be more consistent, and controllable.

Advantages of the Automated Nanoparticle System

reusable glass microchipThe ANP system allows multiple experiments to be executed automatically in a walkaway mode, rather than requiring the user to be there to setup, inject, run and collect each experiment. This saves time, uses less expensive material, and reduces errors.

The ANP System also uses high quality reusable glass microchips to create the nanoparticles, with in-line washing of all wetted parts between experiments – which users have validated for efficacy. This avoids the need for expensive disposables and the associated need for constant replacement. Last but not least, you can reproducibly and reliably generate particles for a broad range of applications from 40 nm to 800 nm with ease.

  • Monodispersity: Excellent PDI and encapsulation efficiency.
  • Scalability: From 200 μl to continuous production.
  • Flexibility: Easy to set up and modify parameters.
  • Speed: Rapid optimization timeframes.
  • Cost saving: Reduced reagent use and reusable chips.
  • No IP Licensing: No tying in to licencing models.

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