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Benchtop Filter Reactor


Benchtop Filter Reactor

AGI Benchtop Filter Reactor is designed to accommodate reaction and filtration processes in one vessel. Most types of crystallisation processes can be performed in this system with a simplified work flow. 


Best system for crystallisation

AGI Benchtop Filter Reactor is a compact system that integrates the functionality of a reactor and a filter in one system at a benchtop scale. The result is a seamless workflow for crystallisation processes. This Benchtop Filter Reactor performs synthesis of crystalline products and subsequent filtration/washing cycles and its full jacket design allows reactions to happen efficiently due to excellent thermal transfer.

Filtration is assisted by either vacuum or gravity, and the resulting product cake can be dried under vacuum. A quickly removable filtration part makes it easy to collect wet product cake or dried powder, change the filter cloth, and clean the filter. The filter membrane/cloth can be chosen based on your process need.

  • Reaction, filtration and washing in one vessel
  • Contamination-free material processing
  •  Vessel swing/rotating mechanism for easy product collection

Effective filtration
The filtration part is meticulously designed to perform washing and filtration effectively. The gasket with O-ring forms a perfect seal between the glass and the PTFE plate. For thicker filter cloth choices of up to 1 mm thickness, a special gasket is provided.

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