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Cooled Incubators


Cooled Incubators

Wide temperature range and optional flexible programmer


The Snijders LABS cooled incubators are not just designed for general microbiological, food, water and medical research, but also for tenability tests or long term storage. It’s wide temperature range and flexible programmer (is optional) allow these incubators to be used for basically any standard test. Another important feature is the fast recovery of temperature to within approximately 0.3 °C after a door(s) opening. All the platform, guide sleeves and fixing rungs are easily removed leaving a seamless chamber(s) for ease of cleaning. Available in an upright model with 1 chamber (EB1E) or 2 chambers (EB2E)

Key features:

  • temperature range: -10°C/+60°C
  • a potential free contact for external alarm
  • doorgrip incl. cylinder lock
  • stainless steel interior
  • simple operation
  • modern and practical design
  • quiet energy saving Optyma compressors
  • no dehydration, no need to use Petridishes etc.
  • volumes: 494 ltr or 2x 231 ltr


  • 2 compartments, independent controllable
  • with or without cooling.

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