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GX-AE Series – Apollo


GX-AE Series – Apollo

Analytical high precision balances


GX-AE balances are ideal for weighing in laboratories as well in production plants/lines with a precision of 0,0001g.
In addition, the GX-AE series, which consists of three 0.0001 g readability models with internal  calibration function, has an ionizer embedded in its breeze break for quickly eliminating static from the sample.

Main Features

  • Built-in fanless ionizer
    Adopting A&D’s original “Quick Ion” technology, it removes static at twice the speed of the conventional ionizer (approx. 0.3 seconds * when the target object is within a distance of 10
    cm) without any disturbance.
    * Subject to the ambient environment, shape of the target
  • Large and detachable breeze break
    The breeze break provides sufficient room for various kinds of containers/fixtures and can be easily removed for cleaning as well as use in confined space.
  • Retractable doors
    The balance requires no extra space at the rear for accessing the weighing chamber, as the doors disappear into the back.
  • Antistatic glass panes
    The glass panes of the breeze break are coated with transparent evaporated metal to block static from outside.
  • External IR switch
    The GX-AE series comes standard with a touchless switch to activate the ionizer for a set duration.

Automatic self calibration (ASC)
To ensure accuracy all the time, the balance can be set to calibrate itself automatically using its internal weight either (1) in response to change in ambient temperature to prevent error due to sensitivity drift, (2) at a set interval time, or (3) at predetermined (up to three) times of the day.
Internal calibration can also be performed any time with one key press.

Internal weight value correction
In cases such as where the internal weight value varied over time, it can be corrected either by loading an external weight whose value the balance uses as a reference or by manually inputting a correction value.

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