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High performance plant growth chamber for real-time experiments


The MicroClima is a high performance plant growth chamber for real-time experiments in research centra.The Microclima realizes optimum climatic conditions by adjusting the day- and night cycle very accurately, i.e. moisture, temperature and illumination. This allows the researcher to extend their research over all stages of plant development: from molecular genetics through to studies in plant physiology; from seed germination to mature growth and flowering (mutations and generations).
The Snijders MicroClima plant growth chamber has a wide temperature and humidity range to allow an accurate representation of global climatic conditions. Day cycles with a sunrise and sunset cycle as well as all other functions required for state-of-the-art plant growth research can be programmed in real-time.
The MicroClima plant growth chamber is suitable for cultivating Arabidopsis Thaliana as well as cultivating higher-growing plants. Two models with usable volumes of 1000 and 1750 litres and the platforms, which can be divided in two widthwise, provide maximum flexibility for research with plants in various stages of growth.
The lighting options range from 400 µmol m-2 s-1 to max. 1.200 µmol m-2 s-1. The lamps are behind thermal glass on a lamp base. The entire heat is released through fans into the atmosphere.

  • Microclima MC1000E: a growth area of 0,9 m2 (1.8 m2 option) and 1,2 m. growing height.
  • Microclima MC1750E: a growth area of 1,4 m2 (2.8 m2 option) and 1,2 m. growing height.
  • Microclima MC1600E: especially designed for bulk growth of Arabidopsis plants or tissue culture and in-vitro systems.

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