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Mitos Dropix® Systems


Mitos Dropix® Systems

Compact and portable droplet-on-demand microfluidic system designed to generate droplets of up to 24 different samples



The Mitos Dropix is a compact device for sampling and droplet sequence production. It enables users to create an array of precise volume droplets from up to 24 unique sources. Benefiting from a very precise electro-mechanical design, Mitos Dropix is controlled by computer. The Dropix software (provided) allows users to fully control droplets’ size and frequency, as well as run autonomous sequences with small amounts of set-up time.


  • Small portable device
  • Easy to set up with no tools required
  • Automated production of droplets from 24 samples in any sequence
  • Ability to generate droplet sizes down to 50nl
  • Ability to generate up to 5 droplets per second
  • Full visibility of the samples and droplet generation within the Dropix® Fluid
  • Reservoir – PMMA (extra)
  • Storage of droplets in the removable transparent Droplet Storage Coil – 0.25mm (Part No.3200349) for external experimentation and analysis
  • Can run autonomously for up to 24 hours after setup
  • Excellent control of droplet size and frequency via PC software

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