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Multi-Parameter Analysis Systems


MANTECH is a leading manufacturer of multi-parameter analysis systems. Whether your laboratory requires a simple pH system or a system with eight parameters, MANTECH can deliver. Every systems is custom made to meet your requirements for sample volume, parameters and sample size. Each system is fully automated by easy to use software and robust robotics.

The PC-Titrate platform is specifically designed to automate different measurements to increase efficiency and reduce the cost per test.
Various analytical detection techniques are available, such as:

  • Direct electrode readings (e.g. pH, Redox)
  • Conductivity meter (probe or flow-through)
  • Ion-sensitive electrodes
  • Titrations (dynamic)
  • Turbidimeter
  • UV-VIS spectrophotometer

Each unit can be fitted with a AutoMax Autosampler with rinse pump, reagent addition pumps, burettes, or calibrant valves for a higher level of automation.
Measurements can be carried out directly in the sample beaker, or in a TitraSip module to allow multiple tests from the same sample cup or beaker.
The TitraSip will automatically pipet the sample, run multi-parameter analyses, drain the analyzed sample directly to waste and automatically rinse the analysis vessel and probes.

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