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Surface Analyser Range (LSA)

LAUDA Scientific

Surface Analyser Range (LSA)

Contact Angle Instruments for the measurement of surface properties


Ultimately aimed at the determination of wettability, work of adhesion, printing and absorption, surface and interfacial tension, and dynamic surface tension, the modular LAUDA Scientific Surface Analyser range (LSA) covers a wide range of applications, from quality assurance to research and development.

Innovative features:

  • Unique drop shape adjustments
  • Telecentric lenses
  • High-speed video recording
  • Flexible software
  • Extremely precise results

The accuracy of the contact angle and surface tension measurement are dependent upon the optical system and to a large extent the capability of the software algorithms operating on the captured imagery.

Additionally, flexibility is provided by multiple data export methods, a focus assistant, evaluation modules for surface energy, control options for sample axes and rotating tables, and a variety of dosing systems to support your specific application.

Precise software for all measuring tasks

The accuracy of contact angle and surface tension measurement based on optical systems is depending to a large extent on the software algorithms. LAUDA Scientific offers you a package for every application, adaptable to different tasks and accessories. Features such as high-speed video recording, predefinable methods, an extensive fluid library and comprehensive adaptability are convincing in practice.

In addition, there are also special methods for very small contact angles and for automatic baseline determination even for difficult surfaces. Various data export formats, focus assistant, evaluation modules for surface energy and control options for sample axes and rotating tables as well as various dosing systems supports you and your application.

Applications for contact angle measurement

  • Wettability and liquid-solid interactions
    You can determine the surface free energy and its polar and disperse properties of your surfaces via contact angle measurements and use it for predictions of surface-liquid interactions.
  • Cleaning and coating
    Advancing and receeding contact angles and their hysteresis characterize the complete wetting and dewetting for cleaning and coating processes.
  • Self-cleaning and spraying
    To optimize spraying and wetting processes you can simulate the wetting and de-wetting processes with unique accessories to test it with different forces.
  • Work of adhesion
    For coatings, printing, etc., the strength of wetting and adhesion to the surface is decisive for processing and a successful application.
  • Printing and absorption
    With high-speed cameras, you can determine how quickly printer inks are absorbed by micro-porous photo papers and optimize contour sharpness and inter-color bleeding.

Lauda Surface Analyzer LSA60

  • Robust and precise measurement of contact angle
  • Versatile automatic dosing systems available
  • Large sample stage with precise z-axis for easy handling
  • Xtremely accurate surface tension measurements using the pendant drop method
  • A budget-friendly entry-level device with high-end accuracy

Lauda Surface Analyzer LSA100

  • Ideal for both research & development and quality inspection
  • Accurate pendant drop method with full support for determination of the critical micelle concentration (CMC)
  • Extremely versatile software package Surface Meter included
  • Expandable and customizable with a wide range of dosing systems, sample stages and accessories

Lauda Surface Analyzer LSA200

  • Flexible automation with automatic x/y/z axes for the sample stage
  • Different lenses and cameras for every possible application
  • Optional revolutionary features such as the double view module for simultaneous top and side view and measurements on a single drop
  • Extremely versatile software package
  • Surface Meter included

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