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Trace SN Cube


Trace SN Cube

The most sensitive combustion analyzer for sulfur and nitrogen in diesel, gasoline, and related samples


Precise S and N determination at very low concentrations

Sulfur and nitrogen often need to be detected in very low concentrations when analyzing hydrocarbons such as gasoline, diesel or natural gas. The trace SN cube builds on the success of the vario trace SN liquid injection system by combining a tried-and-tested combustion technique with a newly-developed autosampler.

By incorporating two complete combustion and detection channels into one analyzer, sharing a single liquid automatic injector capable of making two separate injections, the trace SN cube is able to deliver ideal analytical conditions, while catalysts can be used for each analysis without any compromise. This integrated design also results in significant cost and space savings compared to two separate analyzers, and simplifies operations with a unified approach to electronic control and processing. Moreover, the device adheres fully to ASTM D 5453, D 6667, D 4629 and DIN ISO 20846 standards.

Measuring method
The trace SN cube offers high-temperature combustion in the carrier gas at up to 1,150 °C, with direct injection of liquid samples into separate ports for N and S determination.

Two instruments in one
Two completely separate combustion and detection channels are included for S and N, offering ideal analytical conditions and catalysts for each analysis without any compromise. This delivers all of the benefits of two separate analyzers, without the additional cost or space requirements this would involve.

Efficient injection methods
The instrument offers a maximum injection volume of 20 µl for liquids or 20 ml for gas samples. Injection times are only a few seconds, offering complete and residue-free combustion results in especially sharp peaks.

Purge and trap technique

This option allows users to enable the determination of very low S concentrations, even when N levels are high.

Highly sensitive detection
The instrument’s CLD and UV-fluorescence detection methods adhere to ASTM standards and deliver accurate, reliable results.

Broad measuring range
S and N levels can be measured between a range of zero and 1,000 ppm. Detection limits are set at 6 ppb for S and 15 ppb for N.

Compliance with industry standards
The system operates according to verified standards including ASTM D 6920, ASTM D 4629, ASTM D5453, ASTM D6667, DIN ISO 51444, ASTM D6069 and DIN ISO 20846.

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