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Vario EL Cube


Vario EL Cube

Unsurpassed performance and versatility in elemental analysis


The benchmark in elemental analysis

The vario EL cube was developed to meet the growing and evolving demands of 21st-century researchers, working in close contact with existing users.

Designed as the successor to the market-leading vario EL III analyzer, the vario EL cube is once again the most versatile instrument in CHNS+O+Cl analysis. Based on the “cube” platform, it represents a method that has been proven a thousand times over, using the latest manufacturing technology and intelligent engineering to meet the needs of every user.

Its established purge and trap chromatography capabilities guarantee baseline separation under all circumstances for all kinds of samples, from pharmaceutical to soil analysis, and from sediment research to foodstuff analysis. A high-end solution for all applications

The vario EL cube does it all, 24 hours per day and 365 days a year, and can offer laboratories a high-end solution for all applications that’s in a class of its own.

  • No-compromise micro analysis of samples in the lower microgram range
  • Semi-macro analysis for CHNS in up to 1 g soil
  • Full digitalization for the highest degree of automation
  • Market-leading precision
  • 10-year warranty on furnace and detector

High-temperature combustion unit:
Quantitative sample digestion at up to 1,200°C, or 1,800°C at the point of combustion when tinfoil is used, with a ten-year furnace warranty. This is the prerequisite for 100% recovery, even when dealing with samples that are difficult to combust – jet injection of oxygen directly to the sample leads to the highest oxygen concentrations at the point of combustion, as well as low gas consumption

Spanning from micro (less than1 mg) to macro (800 mg soil) sample weight, depending on requirements, and up to 20 mg of organic matter.

Largest dynamic range of element concentrations and element ratio:
Up to 40 mg C abs, or 15 mg N abs, from ppm to 100%.

Purge and trap chromatography:
Separation of gaseous components on up to three specific columns for perfect separation without overlap, and automatic optimization of the analysis time.

Multipoint calibration:
Offering matrix-independent stability for months at a time.

PC-based instrumentation control:
Full digitalization of the instrument allows for remote operation from a standard PC and perfect results, even when dealing with unknown or heavily variable sample matrices. The integrated standard sample feeder accommodates 80 samples, with 21 CFR part 11 functionality also available.

One simple instrument for all applications:
The vario EL cube requires no expensive special catalysts, facilitating easy ash removal from the combustion tube and offering long-lasting components to ensure a low cost of ownership.

Clean, safe and fast:
Each analysis only takes a few minutes and uses helium or argon carrier gases, with no aggressive or toxic chemicals needed.

Easy installation requirements:
The vario EL cube takes up just 48 x 55 cm of benchtop space and operates using a single power supply (230, 110 or 100 V) and two gases, providing lengthy periods of maintenance-free operation.

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