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Many diverse industries use ash analyses for quality control, but conventional muffle furnaces can take hours to ash a sample. Microwave technology can reduce ashing times to minutes, making ash analysis practical for both process and quality control. The Phoenix Black ‘s design ashes up to 15 samples at a time and allows to use any type of crucible normally utilized in conventional muffle furnaces (metal, porcelain, graphite, glass, quartz fibre).

With an on-board touch-screen interface the workflow is simplified. Two powerful magnetrons heat the cavity and a temperature probe right above the samples allows for exceptional temperature control and the fastest ramp times. Active airflow provides the samples with an oxygen-rich surrounding better for ashing and ensures that combustion gases are removed efficiently and safely.


Phoenix Black

The Phoenix BLACK is the new updated microwave ashing system from CEM. Microwave ashing has a lot of advantages: Discover all the new features:
Fast and Efficient

  • The Phoenix Black can perform ash analysis 10 times faster than a traditional muffle furnace, allowing you to respond more quickly to changes in the production process.
  • Ramp to temperature in minutes.
  • One-step ashing, complete pre-ash inside furnace without the need for a Bunsen burner.

  • Accurate
  • Temperature verification and calibration for ISO and GLP practices are quickly and easily performed with a NIST traceable thermocouple.
  • IQ/OQ/PQ service available for turnkey validation and audit traceability.
  • Meets all requirements for methods that specify “electrically heated” furnaces or “microwave heated” furnaces.

  • Safe
  • Active ventilation keeps the lab free from soot and odors. No need to use a fume cabinet!
  • Patented quartz fiber crucibles cool to the touch in seconds.
  • Integrated sensors hold cavity door open when furnace door is removed or when overheating occurs.

  • Easy to use
  • Thanks to the touchscreen it’s easy to start or program methods with automatic start time and temperature ramps.
  • Available as a workstation pair with balance and printer or PC for automatic results – no more manual calculations needed.
  • The Phoenix BLACK can use any type of crucible that may be used in a conventional muffle furnace, including platinum.

  • Adaptable
  • The Phoenix BLACK is available with your choice of either a high temperature or a high capacity furnace.

  • High Temperature Furnace
  • Heats up to 1200 °C
  • Holds up to 8 (20/50 mL) or 5 (100 mL) Quartz Fiber Crucibles.

  • phoenix black
    High Capacity Furnace
  • Heats up to 1000 °C
  • Holds up to 15 (20/50 mL) or 12 (100 mL) Quartz Fiber Crucibles.

  • phoenix black

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    Phoenix AirWave BLACK

    The Phoenix BLACK with AirWave option meets the most demanding requirements of large organic samples with ease. This option utilizes a patented air amplified exhaust system to quickly and safely ash samples, removing large quantities of air and volatile by-products.

  • Eliminates the need for volume reduction/carbonization on a Bunsen burner or hot plate.
  • Provide accurate carbon black results in a fraction of the time it takes conventional furnaces.
  • The reproducibility is excellent, making the use of nitrogen atmosphere or quartz tubes unnecessary.
  • Increased airflow accelerates oxidation of samples.
  • Exhaust 130 CFM or more (adjustable).
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    Sulphate Ashing Option

    The CEM Phoenix BLACK Microwave System with Sulfated Ashing Option is a microwave muffle furnace that allows the pharmaceutical industry to perform Residue On Ignition (ROI) or Sulfated Ash tests for the evaluation of raw materials, excipients and quality control for finished products while safely removing and neutralizing Sulfur and Nitric Acid vapors.

    The system eliminates procedures that are operator-dependent, such as Bunsen burners, heat lamps, and hot plates. Computer control of multi-stage methods allow each step to be quantified for documentation and validation and frees laboratory personnel for other tasks.

    The Phoenix BLACK equipped with the sulphate ashing option has an external scrubber system which directly sucks these corro-sive gases from the furnace and neutralizes them.

  • The configuration meets ISO 14000 regulations and all requirements for USP 281 (ROI) & USP 733 (LOI).
  • The sulfate ashing option can be disconnected and re-added in less than five minutes without the use of tools.
  • USB data output provides CFR21 part 11 compliance method details and date of completion.
  • CEM Crucibles


    Improve your results with quartz-fiber crucibles. The CEM unique patented quartz-fiber crucibles reduce the ashing times drastical-ly and improve safety and convenience.

    The quartz-fiber crucibles:

  • The quartz fiber material allows oxygen to circulate around the sample speeding combustion even more. This reduces anal-ysis time by as much as 97% !!
  • The quarts-fiber crucibles cool in seconds eliminating the risk of crucible burns.
  • No need for desiccation.
  • Unbreakable and Wwthstands temperatures up to 1,000 °C.
  • Quartz-fiber crucible caps are available for 50 mL and 100 mL crucibles, ideal for low ash samples and samples with high organic content.

  • crucibles

    Self-Sealing Quartz Crucibles
    For oxygen-free ashing, self-sealing quartz crucibles are available. Ideal for applications such as carbon black determination in polymer samples.


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