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New collaboration with Particle Works

We are now exclusive distributor of Particle Works in Belgium and Luxembourg!

Droplet-based microfluidics bears excellent potential in the discovery and development of novel drugs, drug formulations, and treatment options. Therefore, we have established a new collaboration/partnership with Particle Works, which specializes in this field.

About Particle Works

Particle Works is a UK-based company specializing in the design and building of game-changing particle engineering platforms. As part of the Blacktrace Group and together with Dolomite, Particle Works represents over 20 years of experience in microfluidics technology. The technology platforms are well accepted by researchers due to their long track record in engineering, application knowledge, and materials expertise. Consequently, the systems are mentioned in numerous peer-reviewed academic research papers worldwide.

Currently, Particle Works offers two systems the Automated Library Synthesis (ALiS) System for screening purposes and the Automated Nanoparticle (ANP) System intended for protocol development. Both systems can be used from discovery to scale-up production. Besides the aforementioned systems, Particle Works is working on a system for initial scale-up (ANP Pilot) and production (Titan).


Key features of the systems:

      • Monodispersity
      • Excellent encapsulation efficiency
      • Generation of particles in flow
      • High precision
      • Automation
      • Scalable (200 μL – continuous)
      • Easy to use
      • Flexible
      • Rapid optimization
      • Reduce reagents consumption
      • Reusable chips


Automated Library Synthesis (ALiS) System

The ALiS System enables high-throughput screening of Lipid Nanoparticle formulations and mRNA candidates in early-stage development. The system is designed to significantly accelerate discovery projects by providing capacity for 96 experiments in approximately six hours.



Automated Nanoparticle (ANP) System

The ANP system is designed for automation and acceleration of process development and initial production of larger samples of lipid nanoparticles.



Over the last 20 years, Dolomite Microfluidics worked with its customers worldwide to understand individual and day-to-day needs to keep ahead in this fast-moving market. Now, the specialized Particle Works’ platforms allow you to unlock particles’ true power in research and manufacturing projects.