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Using flow chemistry to give early drug discovery processes a boost

Webinar by Syrris, hosted in partnership with Chemistry World.

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About the webinar:

The ever-growing field of flow chemistry has proved itself invaluable in many industries using synthetic chemistry, particularly in pharma during drug discovery. However, the industry has been slow to adopt flow chemistry techniques in the hit-to-lead phase.

The potential benefits of implementing these methods are immense, especially for expediting lead generation and overcoming challenging chemistries that were previously difficult to achieve via traditional batch processes. This webinar demonstrates the capabilities of flow chemistry for researchers in early drug discovery and will look at practical and efficient ways to increase productivity and shorten hit-to-lead times.

By the end of this webinar you will be able to:

  • Appreciate the benefits of flow chemistry compared to traditional batch techniques
  • Review modular flow chemistry technologies that can achieve novel diverse chemical space through efficient library generation
  • See how flow chemistry has been successfully adopted and used by a modern Clinical Research Organisation in its lead generation phase of drug discovery

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