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Atlas HD modular jacketed reactor


Atlas HD modular jacketed reactor

Automated and modular jacketed reactor platform range that offers supreme flexibility and seamless interchangeability of jacketed reactors from 50 mL to 5 L.



Used extensively in process development groups around the world, Atlas HD provides chemists with automated control of their process with built-in safety protocols that enable walk-away chemistry. Atlas HD also provides full recipe control and real-time reaction monitoring and graphing.

Chemistry automation offers many benefits over manual reactors; discover the main benefits here.

A range of system configurations allow scientists to perform jacketed reactions, crystallization/sonocrystallization, reaction calorimetry, high-pressure reactions, and flasks and vials chemistry.

  • Sophisticated control of reaction parameters
    Wide temperature range from -90 to +250 °C and stirring speed
  • Fully automated control of processes
    Program complex multi-step experiments, dosing profiles, and safety shutdown protocols
  • Years of continuous service
    Robust build quality designed for daily use


Reproducible chemistry

Atlas HD ensures you create reproducible chemistry every time by providing total control over your reaction parameters – including a wide temperature range of -90 to +250 °C and stirring speed.

A range of sensors including turbidity, temperature, pressure, and pH can be configured in addition to automated dosing options using the Atlas Syringe Pump – controlling your chemistry and dosing even when you’re away from the lab.

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