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Economic Lux


Economic Lux

In-vivo plant growth, plant tissue culture and seed germination under controlled parameters.


Chamber with a capacity of 432 Litres. The fluorescent tubes are mounted vertically behind double thermal glass, switched in 2 levels and can be programmed using a timer. Both sides of the chamber have 7 fluorescent tubes.
The wide temperature range from -5 to +50°C allows all standard tests in the field of plant cultivation and insect breeding. Unregulated air humidity can be generated by filling the test chamber floor with water. An optional ultrasonic humidifier can be used to control the humidity.
Carefully developed and tested in daily practice, meeting the most stringent practice and climate demands. Where the technical and economic aspects has been followed closely.


  • Seed germination
  • Tissue culturing/in vitro
  • Insect breeding
  • Arabidopsis plants
  • Algae/fungi (with shaker)
  • In vivo growing
  • UV-testing

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