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FX-i series


FX-i series


The FX-i precision top pan range provides a host of features in a compact, lightweight package. All of a perfect solution to a balance requirement where space is at a premium. With a footprint the size of B5 sheet of paper the FX-i will suit applications previously dismissed due to the lack of a quality balance of this size the traditional A&D functions are present plus a host of innovative features.

Main Features

  • Compact SHS – Super Hybrid Sensor ensures 1 second stabilisation
  • SCF Statistical Calculation Function – Can display or output a complete stats package
  • USB Interface – Option : Quick USB interface with no driver installation necessary
  • RS232 Data Interface & WinCT Software in standard
  • GLP/GMP/GCP/ISO Compliant – Complies with your lab management system
  • Digital Calibration Function – Simple calibration sequence using external masses
  • Animal Weighing Mode – Suitable for weighing unstable samples
  • Response Setting – Adjust balance response time to suit environment


  • Ethernet Interface – Connect to your LAN
  • Rechargeable Battery – Total Portability for your balance

Models and capacity:

FX-i Series – External Calibration

  • FX-120i 122 g x 1mg
  • FX-200i 220 g x 1mg
  • FX-300i 320 g x 1mg
  • FX-500i 520 g x 1mg
  • FX-1200i 1220 g x 0.01g
  • FX-2000i 2200 g x 0.01g
  • FX-3000i 3200 g x 0.01g
  • FX-5000i 5200 g x 0.01g

FZ-i Series – Internal Calibration

  • FZ-120i-EC* 122g x 1mg
  • FZ-200i-EC* 220g x 1mg
  • FZ-300i-EC* 320g x 1mg
  • FZ-500i 520g x 1mg
  • FZ-1200i-EC 1220g x 0.01g
  • FZ-2000i-EC 2200g x 0.01g
  • FZ-3000i-EC 3200g x 0.01g
  • FZ-5000i 5200g x 0.01g

* Those models are EC Approved, meaning they are Legal for Trade

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