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Automated pH, Conductivity and Alkalinity Analysis


Whether your laboratory requires a simple pH system or a system with eight parameters, we have the right device.

We realize that each laboratory is unique and as a result, the systems are tailor configured with off-the-shelf modules to meet your requirements for sample volume, parameters and sample size. Each system is fully automated by easy to use software and robust robotics.



  • Automates 26-400 samples in a single batch
  • Customizable user interface for simplified operation
  • IntelliRinse™ prevents cross contamination between samples
  • Eliminates potential for human error with automated pipetting using MANTECH’s Titrasip™
  • Non-destructive sample preparation allows for up to 5 parameters on a single sample

Do you need to determine the Permanganate Index (PI) for drinking water?

The European drinking water directive includes a parameter named “Oxidisability” with a 5mg/L upper limit for drinking water. Another way to describe to oxidisability is the “reactive fraction of TOC”, or the oxygen demand of the carbon in the water. Only reactive carbon will demand oxygen; therefore, it is different than TOC. TOC measures all the organic carbon species, neutral or reactive.

Mantech had developed an Permanganate Index add-on for a MT100 for the determination of the oxidisability parameter in drinking water following ISO Method 8467.

Contact us for more information about this add-on.

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