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Pilot Plant Filter Reactor PLUS


Pilot Plant Filter Reactor PLUS

AGI Pilot Plant Filter reactor PLUS  is designed to accommodate reaction and filtration processes in one vessel. Most types of crystallisation process can be performed in this system with a simplified work flow.


Ideal system for pilot scale crystallization and filtration

AGI Pilot Plant Filter Reactor PLUS is designed to fulfill demanding crystallization processes. Integrating the functionality of a reactor and a filter in one system, a full crystallization process can be performed in the reactor without ever opening the vessel. Processes range from crystal formation, filtration, product washing and drying.

Large quantities of crystalline product can be processed easily and safely in the Pilot Plant Filter Reactor , making it ideal for process development, kilo lab and pilot scale production.

  • Reaction, filtration and washing in one vessel
  • Contamination-free material processing
  • Vessel swing/rotating mechanism for easy product collection


Recover end product with absolute ease

The design of AGI’s filter support structure makes it simple and easy to handle your valuable product, compared to other systems. The filter can be quickly uncoupled, lowered, and moved sideways for filtrate collection. All of this can be done in a smooth, safe, and controlled manner. The lowering of the filter is assisted by a rotating lever mechanism in the support structure.

General specifications

Vessel capacity 10 L, 20 L and 30 L
Vessel type Double wall, full jacket
Filtration area 317.3 cm² (10 L), 514.7 cm² (20 L), 711.6 cm² (30 L)
Operating pressure Full vacuum to atmospheric pressure
Operating jacket pressure Up to +0.5 barG (0.05 MPa)
Operating temperature -90 °C to +200 °C
ΔT – Thermal shock resistance 110 °C (double wall)

Overhead stirrer, circulator and chiller are not included
Wetted parts: Borosilicate Glass 3.3, PTFE

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