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Moisture, Fat & Protein Meat Analyzer

A rapid and affordable fat analyzer for raw/pre-blended meat.


Rapidly determine fat, moisture, and protein content of raw and pre-blended meat with the ProFat™ system. This compact system can be placed at-line and allows for process control, using least cost formulation. The ProFat is an economical solution that provides highly accurate and repeatable fat analysis. This is based on the ProFat’s ability to analyze the entire sample, which is more accurate than near-infrared (NIR) techniques that only analyze a small sample area.


  • Accurate fat analysis of raw meat in 2.5 minutes
  • Provides easy verification of in-line X-ray or NIR systems
  • Does not drift (requires no recalibration)
  • Implements least cost formulation

Moisture, Fat & Protein in Raw Meat and Meat Blends in 2.5 Minutes

The SMART 6 ProFat combines microwave moisture measurement with data modeling analysis to rapidly evaluate beef, pork, chicken and turkey meat with superior accuracy and precision. The rapid analysis can be used for process control to make blend corrections, release materials, and ensure least cost formulation. The SMART 6 ProFat can also be used to verify and maintain performance of NIR or X-ray devices.

The system uses an official AOAC method to rapidly measure the moisture content and a simple curve fitting program to provide the best estimate of fat and protein content. The performance of the system is comparable to the standard oven drying and fat extraction analysis methods.

SMART 6 ProFat comes ready to analyze raw meat and blends with preprogrammed methods.

If you analyze samples that are cooked or have water added, check out the ORACLE.

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