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Automated Library Synthesis – ALiS system

Particle Works

Automated Library Synthesis – ALiS system

High performance platform for drug discovery


ALiS enables high throughput screening of nanoparticle formulations and mRNA candidates in early-stage development.
This platform significantly accelerates discovery projects by performing numerous reactions – as much as 96 experiments in a day – collecting as little as 250 μl per sample and using automated washing cycles to avoid cross-contamination.

Advantages of the Automated Library Synthesis Sytem (ALiS)

  • Monodispersité: Excellent PDI and encapsulation efficiency.
  • Precision: Accurate control, robust & reliable results.
  • Automatisation: Walk away during experiments increasing lab efficiency.
  • Scalability: From 200 μl to continuous production.
  • Flexibility: Easy to set up and modify parameters.
  • Speed: Rapid optimization timeframes.
  • Cost saving: Reduced reagent use and reusable chips.
  • High throughput: Aspirate from and dispense into 96 well plates.

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