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About us

BRS | Company Values

Our group is a supplier of scientific equipment. We find our customers working in the field of analytical chemistry, process industry and life-science laboratories. In these fields we represent a number of international top-suppliers .

Mission statement: We make your innovation our goal!

  • BRS stands for the exclusive distribution of high-end laboratory solutions in Belgium and Luxemburg.
  • We introduce new technologies and innovations of existing systems.
  • We guarantee an optimal and continued operation of your laboratory at all times.
  • You can count on an optimal technical support by our service team.
  • BRS is committed to providing the highest level of sales, service & support to our customers.
  • At BRS the customer comes first.
  • Working together as a team and in close cooperation with our customers is the key.
  • We believe in an open communication.
  • The BRS team focuses on YOUR results

Our team

The Benelux team of the Beun-De Ronde group, is a diverse group of professionals who work with our clients, suppliers and each other very closely. The team consists of Sales Engineers who advise and bring new innovations to our customers by visiting them.

The professional specialists are assisted by product specialists who, together with laboratory technicians and researchers, can develop and optimise applications.

For after-sales support, we have more than a dozen Service and Support engineers who serve our customers with user-training, validation, corrective and preventive maintenance. Our Front- and Backoffice teams and our Marketing department help all these ambulant professionals.


At BRS, it‘s all about quality. In our Quality Policy, we focus on delivering tailored solutions and a fast, efficient but most of all dedicated service to our customers. An intense and open communication, the guarantee of both high-end products and an excellent service and mutual trust are the key elements of our quality. In this way we build and maintain long-term relationships with our customers.

In a continuous effort for improvement, we select our suppliers carefully and with great thought, ensuring the quality of our high-end laboratory equipment & products. Also in our cooperation with our suppliers, we are strong advocates of open communication, accuracy and reliability.

For BRS it is essential that our team members are constantly aware of the importance and necessity of aiming only for the highest level of quality. The BRS management encourages their employees to reach this goal by supplying them the necessary tools, trainings and support.

Although red is the main color of our company logo, we do THINK GREEN. BRS shares the common believe that the care of the environment benefits us all. Therefore we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment. This is reflected throughout our entire operation.

Our full Quality Policy is described in detail in our ISO 9001:2015 Quality Handbook. 

BRS is a ISO9001 certified company.

We are also member of

BRS is part of the BDR-Group

  • Beun-De Ronde: Instruments for Analysis and Process
  • BioSPX: Life Science – Part of BDR
  • ChemSPX: Chemistry connects – Part of BDR
  • SciSPX: Analysis simplified – Part of BDR
  • AddSPX: Element and Structure Analysis – Part of BDR
  • LabSPX: Instrument Support – Part of BDR


Support & Service Engineer

At BRS, our technical team is specially trained to provide a complete package of technical services (installations, maintenance and repairs), quality trainings and skilled application support for high-end laboratory equipment.  Will you join us? Click on the job title above, to discover the job description.


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