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Our Service & Support Xperts go the extra mile


Service Activities

BRS ensures a continuous operation of your laboratory equipment by providing a complete package of technical and analytical services, quality products and skilled technical support.

BRS technical & support services in a nutshell:

  • Tailor-made installations of new equipment
  • Upgrades of existing equipment
  • Technical support (hardware & software)
  • IQPQOQ + reporting
  • Validation & Calibration services
  • Preventive maintenances
  • Service contracts
  • 24 hour response time

Maintenance of the laboratory equipment falls into two categories: preventive and corrective. Preventive maintenance helps to minimize the risk of malfunctions and errors, so that you can maximize the return on your investment in laboratory equipment. Malfunctions are often unexpected and inconvenient. A standardized and scheduled maintenance program, however, reduces the likelihood of a malfunction and cuts the running costs of the system. Such a maintenance program guarantees a minimum of down-time, meaning you don’t have to disappoint your clients.

The preventive maintenance schedule relies upon a variety of factors. 

The type of equipment and environmental factors, such as laboratory/plant conditions, the system’s importance to your company, etc. BRS consults with you to establish a schedule of preventive maintenance fitting for your needs.. The preventive maintenance consists of a thorough technical inspection and cleaning of the system, the replacement of parts subject to wear and tear and a check on proper functioning.

BRS reports back to you with a service report and validation/calibration reports tailored to your quality system.
Corrective maintenance is required when your system breaks down or when your results are not as required. Our team of qualified and well-trained engineers are quickly on-site, which reduces your downtime and gets you back on track as soon as possible.

Corrective maintenance is needed when your system breaks down or when your results are not as expected. Having experienced and well trained engineers fast on-site, minimalizes your downtime and gets you back on track as fast as possible.

Support Activities

BRS supports you all the way!

The BRS support team consists of well-trained product specialists who have extensive technical knowledge of equipment, software and applications. Our Service & Support Engineers are in direct contact with our suppliers, they are regularly trained to keep up with recent developments and they are certified to perform IQ-OQ installations and validations.

Besides giving advice on the purchase of an instrument, our Service & Support Engineers show the equipment in real life: with demonstrations on site or in the BRS laboratory. During our regular workshops and seminars we welcome our customers to discover the advantages of our products and services.

For special applications, our support team performs feasibility studies, tests your analysis and helps you to optimize the analysis to obtain the results you are aiming at.

Our Service & Support team installs all new equipment and/or innovations of existing systems on site. Users’ trainings and/or application trainings can be organized and customized to your needs.

Our team can develop and execute the necessary validation and performance qualification protocols. Validation services are meant to provide proof of compliance with all existing GMP, GLP, and 21 CFR Section 11 regulations. We can provide protocols for Installation Certification and Operational Qualification (IQ/OQ). Performance Qualification (PQ), validations, calibrations and safety certifications are also available. BRS uses certified measurement tools and reports with checklists in a professional manner, fulfilling the quality system requirements. A report is provided to the customer for each validation or calibration.

Our extensive support...
in a nutshell

Product demonstrations (on site or in the BRS Laboratory)


Technical and application trainings

Application support

IQ/OQ/PQ protocols, validations, calibrations and safety certifications

Remote helpdesk

Workshops and seminars for users.

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