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Support and
Product Xperts

With focus in 4 areas:

BioSPX in Life Sciences

ChemSPX in Organic Chemistry and Synthesis

SciSPX in Sample Prep and Analysis

AddSPX in XRF and XRD

Our specialized Business Units

You can start your journey together with our Support & Product Xperts to find the right solution for your application.

Thanks to a renewed focus and approach, BioSPX has become a leading partner in Life Science providing solutions and advice in cell analysis, flowcytometry, molecular biology, imaging & microscopy, peptide synthesis, microplate reading and liquid handling.

ChemSPX is a team of Xperts active in the field of Chemical Synthesis (batch, flow, microwave) and Purification using flash and prep chromatography.




SciSPX is fully dedicated to support Sample Preparation and Analysis in Analytica, Quality Control and Process labs.

Our expertise focuses on XRF (EDXRF, WDXRF, TXRF), X-ray, Diffraction (XRD), Thin film analysis (XRF, XRD, XRR) and X-ray imaging (X-ray CT)


Our Support Engineers and Product Specialists support the whole process from advising, demonstrating developing the application, installing and maintaining your laboratory equipment.


Support & Service Engineer

At BRS, our technical team is specially trained to provide a complete package of technical services (installations, maintenance and repairs), quality trainings and skilled application support for high-end laboratory equipment.  Will you join us? Click on the job title above, to discover the job description.


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